Nicola Ferro – CREATE

Nicola Ferro – CREATE

Nicola Ferro, trombonista italiano apprezzato a livello mondiale per la sua collaborazione artistica con J.Alessi (al quale Nicola dedica una traccia di questo CD), esordisce con una produzione discografica all’avanguardia “CREATE”, una composizione di stili dal sapore metropolitano, fresco e carico di emozioni.
Un’incisione fatta esclusivamente dallo stesso Nicola, dalla composizione al mixaggio, un prodotto di alta qualità artistica e di innovazione per quanto riguarda il panorama musicale italiano.
Assolutamente da ascoltare e apprezzare questo talento di casa nostra!!


Rilascio del CD 8 Maggio 2007 WorldWide

  1. CLEAR EYES [4:42]
  2. CALL ME [4:24]
  3. MISTAKES [7:17]
  4. ANNE (Dedicated to my Girlfriend) [3:18]
  5. N.A. 974 [4:39]
  7. TO JOSEPH ALESSI [3:57]
  8. SEXY GIRL [3:26]
  9. ROMA [0:47]
  10. MAKITA [5:33]
  11. TARANDO’ [2:20]
  12. BLUE PANTHER [3:53]
  14. CHERRY [4:53]
  16. FERRO’s FAMILY [3:53]

It is a pleasure to introduce the multi-talented Mr. Nicola Ferro to the listening public. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians I know. Extremely versatile, he can compose in musical styles as diverse as jazz, classical, film and pop with equal finesse and brilliance. I first heard his work in Italy, and thought his talent was prodigious and that his compositions deserved a large audience. This CD, created during a short stay in the United States, was composed, performed, recorded and edited by Mr. Ferro in a week’s time to demonstrate his varied talents. Not only is he an outstanding composer, but he is also a superb trombonist in both the jazz and classical idioms. Sit back and enjoy a musical feast, elegantly prepared for you by Nicola Ferro.

Principal Trombone New York Philharmonic


A wonderful CD composed, performed, recorded, and edited by Nicola Ferro—a conceptual “wonderland” in the mold of classic Pink Floyd yet classical in nature as he illustrates in his respect and dedication to Joseph Alessi with beautiful trombone playing.

This journey will take you down a conceptual boardwalk with many genre stops. Ferro delivers a couple of jazzy dance/hop charts (notably “Cherry” and “Sexy Girl”) that could be spun in a dance club!

Nicola Ferro has worked professionally with many jazz musicians, at the same time studying composition, arrangements, and the use of electronics and computers. He studied music at the Conservatory of Salerno until 1996, when he gained his diploma in trombone with honors.

He has performed with Italian and international classical orchestras, and appeared on several TV and radio broadcasts.

Select song works to both jazz and classical radio. Service to over one hundred independent writers, reviewers, and programmers, including classical/jazz/electronic cross-genres. Additional focused target marketing mailings to instrument journals.

Produced and Recorded
in NEW YORK 2006


“CREATE” means to compose from nothing. It means to draw inspiration from a word, agesture, a movement or simply from the silence and to conceive a musical creation. ALL and Nothing; these were the two main sources of my inspiration. New York City for meis “the whole lot”! I always dreamt about living in the “Big Apple”; homeland of the greatestartists in the world, homeland of a musical culture without equal, Christmas City and cradleof different musical styles. Here, the music is everywhere. It’s like the air, you breathe it. It’slike blood, it runs inside you. Nothing is the lack and the absence of the affections.Melancholy and nostalgia can depress you. Feeling alone; it’s like choking. You feel unableto breathe even if you’re in an open space. This stay in New York was very hard for me, butthanks to the love and the support of my family, I had the right energy to compose “CRE-ATE”; the result of my professional growth. During my life and musical career, I have been stimulated from the research, the knowledgeand the desire to be a complete artist; I have embraced musical styles, which were differentfrom the classics. I have also started to use the most modern musical computer programs.The merger of all these conditions made me compose this recording. All the tracks are differ-ent from each other, both for the source of inspiration and for the their musical style. Allthe tracks have my performance as composer, author, arranger, player and musician in com-mon. In this project I felt as a chameleon would because, technically, I produced the CD bymyself. I played and recorded all the instruments: trombone, keyboards, piano, virtual drum,programming computer, vocoder, effects and mixing. Please enjoy listening to my project. Nicola Ferro

More Info on Nicola Ferro Website

Nicola Ferro:

  • Artistic Producer
  • Composer
  • Arranger and Performer
  • Tenor Trombone
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Vocoder
  • Trombone with Distortion
  • Virtual Drum
  • Programming

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