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Dr. Vern Kagarice

Anche lo staff di Trombone Italia Magazine si unisce al cordoglio della famiglia Kagarice per questa immensa perdita.

Dr. Vern Kagarice


The trombone community mourns the passing of Vern Kagarice, Professor of Trombone at the University of North Texas, former executive manager of the International Trombone Association from 1982-1999 and managing editor of the ITA’s Journal and newsletter from 1978-2005.Dr. Kagarice was a tireless advocate for his students and the worldwide trombone community. His many years of dedicated service to the International Trombone Association led to the ITA’s prominence among instrumental organizations and spurred all of us to share in the joy of learning and playing trombone.

Together with his wife Jan, Vern spent his career devoted to trombone literature, performance and pedagogy. The trombone community will benefit from his passionate commitment to our art for many years to come for which we are forever grateful.


In the front of my folder I have a much photocopied sheet which reads:

“Musical Performance With The Trombone

by Vern Kagarice

Chapter 1
Have a clear musical idea before placing lips on the mouthpiece.

Chapter 2
Blow the clear musical idea out the bell as efficiently as possible.

Chapter 3
Practice chapters 1 and 2 in chronological order.”

This method hasn’t failed me yet